Morton's Neuroma

Podiatrists & Foot and Ankle Surgeons located in Hamilton and Summit, NJ

Morton's Neuroma
Podiatrists & Foot and Ankle Surgeons located in Hamilton and Summit, NJ

Morton’s neuroma can cause pain with every step you take, leaving you desperate for relief. Eric Rockmore, DPM  specializes in Morton’s neuroma treatment using the most leading-edge techniques. With patients from all over the country and the world flocking to the practice for innovative Morton’s neuroma solutions, you can expect long-lasting relief.

At Foot and Ankle Specialists, neuroma removal (neurectomy) and its painful complication (stump neuroma) are avoided.  So come to us first and get fast relief, the first time.

At your consultation at Foot and Ankle Specialists, Eric Rockmore, DPM will determine which of the minimally invasive treatments is best for you.  Cryoablation and nerve decompression are our most successful treatments that are minimally invasive.

Learn how to get back to an active life by calling the Summit or Hamilton, New Jersey, office, or click the provided online booking tool now. 

Morton's Neuroma Q & A

What is Morton’s neuroma?

A Morton’s neuroma is a bundle of nerve tissue that’s trapped under the ball of the foot. Technically, it’s not a neuroma at all. A neuroma refers to an injured nerve that swells due to trauma. 

A Morton’s neuroma is a nerve repeatedly compressed as you walk on it. This triggers enlargement and scar tissue buildup. 

So, Morton’s neuroma is better described as nerve compression that typically happens between two toes, creating pain in the ball of your foot. 

What are the nonsurgical treatments for Morton’s neuroma?

Morton’s neuroma care generally involves either symptom management or targeted treatment. Symptom management won’t eliminate the neuroma but can help control your pain. 

Common symptom management strategies include custom orthotics and ultrasound-guided injections (usually containing corticosteroids). Platelet-rich plasma injections, using your own healing blood platelets, are another option. 

What are the minimally invasive procedures for Morton’s neuroma?

Foot and Ankle Specialists offers nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures for Morton’s neuroma, including: 


A neuroma decompression is a surgical procedure to unbind the bands squeezing the neuroma, thereby unpinching it and restoring normal nerve function. A decompression doesn’t remove the nerve. 

Neuroma decompression is a leading-edge, minimally invasive technique that requires only mild sedation and local anesthesia. You can walk on the same day.


Ablation procedures use either radiofrequency energy (heat) or cryosurgery (freezing temperatures) to disable the nerve. This prevents the pain signaling that causes your unpleasant symptoms. Although ablation procedures aren’t permanent, they can have long-lasting results. 

In general, the team may recommend ablation procedures for patients who didn’t get good results with neuroma decompression or cases of stump neuromas (when cut nerves form a hypersensitive bud after surgery). 

Only about 10% of patients with Morton’s neuromas don’t improve with these techniques. However, there’s still a solution in those situations. The team can perform a neurectomy to remove the nerve using a special technique to reduce the risk of stump neuromas.

Foot and Ankle Specialists is widely known for their skill in treating Morton’s neuromas successfully. They have patients from most of the 50 states as well as international patients who come to the practice to get help, return to an active lifestyle, and avoid complications like stump neuromas. 

For neuroma help, call the nearest Foot and Ankle Specialists office or book your appointment online now.

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